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If it’s jazz you want, the Brisbane Jazz Club has it. Tonight it is Soundscapes Trio with a twist, and a guest or two- this modern contemporary jazz group are normally a quintet. Tonight, however they are stripped back to a trio consisting of pianist, composer, band leader and all round nice guy Cleon Barraclough, bass player and jazz pro in his own right David Galea and the man with all the beats, Luke Pammenton.

The opening piece was a somewhat complicated aperitif, primarily based and showing the great skills of Barraclough. His styling are fairly intricate and complex at the best of times and as the song progresses you get the lovely rich bass tones coming through, which I might add, really hugged tightly to the pianist’s unspoken thoughts or musings. This only occurs between musicians who have played together many times and is a pleasure to observe.

Let’s not leave out Luke Pammenton who did not noticeably drop a beat all night. Then Lauren Lucille takes to the stage. She is certainly not dressed as your typical jazz artist, in her leather jacket and red jeans. She certainly seemed relaxed and quietly confident.

Tonight held a real difference for me, having seen all these musicians perform in different formats and occasions. This was a night primarily showcasing Cleon’s compositions, some of Lauren’s originals as well as brand new material not yet heard by the general public.

Being more modern contemporary was a bit of a change to the usual sounds the jazz genre entails. Though the piano arrangements were intricate, they were complex and very dramatic at the best of times. The bass and percussionist add a more lively flavour to it and together it was easily consumable. Lauren did not sing like I have heard her do so many times, as these were compositions without words. Her scat singing was improvisational jazz at its very best.

Randy G

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