July 2013

In a cosy little building by the river, a night of pretty damn inspiring and audacious music was being undertaken by The Soundscapes Trio and Lauren Lucille (Qmusic finalist 2012). The night began with some shaky bits, although the sparkly bits really shook the senses. The leap was made and the group pulled it right out for the slavering masses at the sold out Brisbane Jazz Club.

Dynamic and colour were really pronounced, displaying terrific control and skill in buckets. The beautifully harmonised pieces off Lauren Lucille’s album ‘Hidden Here’ (2012) contrasted the scattered and widely dynamic material by Cleon Barraclough, Archi-texture (2012) with his tastes moving toward composing more structured but overtly complex pieces. All pieces require a second hearing in my estimation.

This group is damn fine, giving each other room during the solo sections, connections and soul came at un-hindered moments. Technicality and capability cannot be understated; the fare on offer was of the highest motivation and purest quality. The Soundscapes Trio are terrifying talented and have a lot to offer in the progressive and experimental sense of the J-word. (Benjamin Stewart)

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